Why Your Business Needs a Digital Face

Why Your Business Needs a Digital Face

We live in a time where the Internet has progressively penetrated every aspect of our daily lives, and as a result, more and more people are relying on it to make choices. It is estimated that up to 81% of people take the Internet as their go-to-place when attempting to make decisions about products and services and an estimated 55.4% of all Internet users use their mobile phones to make these decisions. For the average brick-and-mortar business that has no digital representation whatsoever, these statistics represent a huge customer base that is beyond its reach, just because it does not have a digital face.


For a business, a ‘digital face’ here simply refers to that part of the business that is visible online and customers are able to interface with. A digital face (which includes your website and your brand’s social media pages) is proof that your business exists on the Internet and as such, has access to the 5 billion people who spend their time there.


In a time where the Internet has become a trusted partner on every decision and the average customer spends between five and seven hours online every day, now is the best time to take your business online. And just in case you need more convincing, here are 5 reasons your business needs to have a digital face and establish its presence on the Internet.


1. Accessibility On A Wider Scale: Most people turn to the Internet for when they want to look for just about any product or service. And with a website and a social media page, prospective customers who are in need of your products or services can easily find you on search engines and view basic details about your business like opening or closing times, locations, and contact numbers or emails.

By being more visible, you give easier accessibility to your business and the products/services you offer.


2. Cross Border Payments: With the Internet as a global marketplace, ways of processing cross-border payments that were strenuous tasks have now been replaced by payment gateways that can simply be integrated into several platforms online – including on a website for your business. At Cleonify, we understand that profit is an integral part of your business and we are dedicated to building platforms with payment integrations that will help you receive payments for your products and services from any part of the globe, stress-free. Reach out to us here to find out more.


3. Building Credibility: As a business, having a website and other forms of digital presence such as social media potentially sets you up in the eyes of prospective customers as an authority in what you do and sets your business apart from the many businesses in your niche. In an age where the average Internet user doesn’t believe a business is ‘legit’ if it doesn’t have a website or some form of digital presence, having your brand online has not only become a consideration for most businesses; it has become necessary.


4. The Social Media Advantage: Do you think social media doesn’t have the capacity to contribute considerably to your business? Think again. Currently there are about 3.78 billion social media users worldwide, and 54% of that number use social media when they want to make decisions about a product. Social media has largely contributed to the success of more businesses than many people realize. Already, 55% of consumers learn about new business brands on social media while 41% of local businesses depend on social media to drive revenue. These figures point to one fact: the impact of social media on businesses is highly significant and businesses that understand this have a higher chance at exposure, customer reach and revenue than those who don’t. Here at Cleonify, we work with you to conceptualize digital marketing strategies that are specific and tailored to you and your business.


5. Constant Availability: Because you’re now on the Internet, you’re always open even when your store is closed. Prospective customers can place orders for your products even before the sun comes up. If you already have a well-implemented digital marketing strategy for your business, you do not need to be disturbed from sleep every time a customer wants to know more about your services or see videos or pictures of your products. In other words, setting up a digital face (website, social media platforms etc.) with the right strategy, constantly allows people to come to your business twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; including holidays. On the Internet, you’re always in business, and you’re always in profit.


In conclusion, setting up your business online and giving it a digital face has become only more essential to continued business growth and survival in an age where the Internet has become deeply embedded in every part of the life of the average consumer, and influences almost all of their purchase decisions.


At Cleonify we understand this and we know how important it is for businesses to stand out to a variety of customers in a sea of competition.

Here, we take the load of organising all these things from your hands as you focus on other essential parts of your business – the ones you love and enjoy. Why not reach out to us today?

Start here – offer.cleonify.com

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