5 Reasons You Should Have A Personally Branded Website (Such as yourname.com)

5 Reasons You Should Have A Personally Branded Website (Such as yourname.com)

There’s no getting around this fact: if you’re looking to get on the web, having a website with your own name, or the name of your business, as the domain name is one of the sweetest things to ever exist. And if you think we’re making such a fuss about having a personally branded website , then you probably don’t understand how relevant it is to your brand success online.

Think about it for a moment. If you want to search for anything related to Apple (including iPhones), you need not look any further than Apple.com, of course. The same goes with anything Microsoft, or a brand such as Coca-Cola – microsoft.com and coca-cola.com respectively.

We can go on and on about many famous brands and how they have been defined online by a personally branded website. No matter the industry, no matter the niche, having a website with your own name, or the name of your business/brands stands you out in a sea of competition, builds trust amidst potential customers, and sets you up as an authority.

Whether it’s a personal brand, a business or a project, having a personal yourname.com brand makes finding you and what you do easy and unmistakable. But if you are still asking yourself whether having a yourname.com website is worth every penny, here are 5 reasons you should – and need to, actually – have a personally branded website.

1. Branding: This is obviously one of the most important reasons. Having a personal yourname.com website goes a long way in setting you (or your business) up for success online. Asides making it easy to find you, it builds credibility with potential customers seeking your products or services (or potential partners willing to partner with your project or non-profit).

It creates a very strong impression in their minds and puts your business in a position of authority. In essence, it becomes a major piece of your online branding strategy.


2. SEO rankings: When you or your business is searched on Google or any other search engine, if there is a website with your name, it will come up top among the search results, as search engines  prioritize words that are found in the website/domain name.

Having a yourname.com website also helps to boost the traffic of other platforms or websites associated with you or your brand — from social media pages to e-commerce stores to other things you manage online.


3. Preventing impersonations: If you’re a business owner having plans of continuity, having a website with your preferred domain name early enough will help out in the long run. It stands as a guarantee against any impersonations that may happen in the future as your brand expands. Having it means you do not have to worry about complications from people who want to use it in ways that would mean harm to you or your brand.

Having a personally branded website early ensures you have your own personal space on the Internet that nobody but you ever gets to use.


4. Keeps you up to stage with competition: Most of your competitors online are most likely using  their own personal brand names as well for their websites. They know that whatever their field or industry is, this gives them a higher chance of being found online. You also need to have a yourname.com website as well! Not only does it set you at par with competitors that have theirs, it also sets you apart from those who don’t. And it makes you easily found by the 3 billion people that use the Internet!


5. Professional email:  Having a personalized email (courtesy of your website) makes it easier for your business to be taken seriously, than just an @gmail.com or a @yahoo.com address. To put this in perspective for example, a recent survey showed that 75% of U.S e-commerce customers think having an email that corresponds with your personalized website is an important factor to consider when trusting a business online, and many respondents to that survey said that they would be hesitant to provide information such as contact details and credit card details to a business with a general email address. Not only is having a personalized email for your business amazingly professional, it is also easy to remember, and will always be a benefit to you and your business if you have an email like help@yourname.com or business@yourname.com, rather than brandbusiness1234@emailprovider.com.

If you’re afraid of how much it will cost, or that the name you need isn’t even available for a website anymore, no need to worry. At Cleonify, we will help you secure, and design a yourname.com website that meets your needs, and you don’t need to worry about the technical details.

Simply tell us what you need and leave the rest to us – we’re only a message away.

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